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Since 1995 Haibike has been developing bikes in Germany, drawing on the almost 100 years of experience of the Winora Group parent company. Haibike is lucky to be able to combine this experience with thoughtful entrepreneurship and the spirit and the courage of a start-up.

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"We need more people on bikes. Bikes make and keep us healthy — mentally and physically."

Haibike is convinced that the e-bike offers exactly this opportunity. With its new possibilities it removes the former borders and connects people. Because no matter what age, sex, fitness or state of health: the shared experience no longer fails because of personal ability to cope with stress. ePerformance combines the physical sportiness of a bicycle with the dynamics of a motorized machine. Man and machine form a unit in which one's own physical strength and the performance of the motor are in a natural and healthy relationship to each other.

In our Haibike brand shop we offer you an extensive selection of e-bikes. From urban bikes, to mountainbikes for a family trip, to the powerful Enduro and All Mountain Fully, you will surely find the right bike for you.

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