The Italian manufacturer Fizik is known for high-quality products throughout the bicycle world. The product portfolio includes saddles and shoes, as well as handlebar tape; all the bike gear clearly ranks among the best available on the market. Fizik produces bike parts and shoes for triathlon cyclists, road bikers, gravel bikers and mountain biking.

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Things to know about Fizik

Fizik was founded in 1996 with the aim of producing innovative and high-quality components for demanding cyclists. The technical innovation and design has won many awards and helped many a professional athlete to victory.

The credo of the brand is that the product must fit the rider and not vice versa. And that's exactly how Fizik's cycling shoes and parts feel. Each bike saddle and shoe goes through a long development phase in which the basics of anatomy and movement are sounded out to design a perfectly ergonomic end product. 

The combination of good workmanship, quality materials and an innovative design make Fizik cycling shoes pioneers in the market. The Terra Ergolace X2 is an impressively robust all-mountain shoe. The fit provides a stable fit on the foot and ensures not only on the pedal, but also off the bike for very good comfort. The ergonomic lacing of the clipless pedal shoe prevents annoying pressure points and provides a pleasant wearing comfort. The Ergolace belongs to the Terra series, which comes in the mountain bike sector with three versions. With the Terra Clima X2 and the Terra Artica X2 Fizik offers a wide range of bike shoes for mountain bikers who get on the bike in all weather conditions.

In addition to high quality bike shoes for mountain, road and gravel bikers, Fizik also offers various bike parts. Handlebar tape and seatpost rings can be found in our Fizik brand store, as well as a wide selection of shoes.

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