In 2007, triathlon icon Micki Kozuschek founded Lezyne. Today, the company is known as a top address for high-quality bike accessories. As one of the industry leaders in bike equipment and bike parts, Lezyne provides lots of innovative products that belong to one of two categories. There are "mechanical" bike accessories such as bottle cages, bells or air pumps. But there are also electronic devices – bike lights and GPS devices, for example.

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Things to know about Lezyne

After his triathlon career had come to an end, the company's founder Micki Kozuschek made use of his experience in the bike industry. As head of the clothing company Maxcycles and by selling his company Truvativ to SRAM in 2004, he proved he had not only bike but also business skills. After a two year break, he returned to the bike market in 2007 to revolutionize the industry of bicycle accessories. With the Lezyne, Kozuschek wanted to offer an alternative to cheaply produced plastic parts. The ambitious idea at the time was producing bike accessories that combined both, a great design and top engineering. That goal has remained the same until today. Lezyne is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the business and offers high quality products. 

Lezyne’s bike accessories and tools

Lezyne offers a huge selection of tools, pumps and other accessories. Special tools, Co2 pumps, multitools, repair kits and various bicycle lights - the product list is almost endless. Admirably, Lezyne manages to maintain the high quality of such a wide range of products. The high-quality Alloy Floor Drive floor pumps or the CNC Pressure Drive mini pumps amaz pro and hobby bikers with a awesome processing, a low weight and optimal performance.

Bike Pumps

A steel tube and piston, a robust composite in the bottom and a high-strength hose with stable connections, these are the key features of the floor pump Sport Floor Drive. In addition, there is a look that promises high-quality, which is highlighted by a wooden handle. The 3.5 inch (approx. 9 cm) diameter pressure gauge,helps you determine the perfect air pressure. The air pump can build up a pressure of up to 15 bar/220 PSI and is thus sufficient for any type of bicycle tire. Of course, there are different valve options or double valve options that fit all kinds of standards. Robust workmanship and an elegant appearance make Lezyne’s bicycle pumps an interesting mix between a tool and a designer piece.

If you want to equip your workshop or the tool compartment in your backpack with first-class repair kits, air pumps and multitools, our Lezyne brand store is the right address for you. We offer a wide selection of different tools, lamps and bicycle pumps made by Lezyne, you can also buy bike parts such as bike bags, bottle cages and bells.

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